How to create WordPress shortcodes for beginners

Hi friend, today i will explain how to create WordPress short codes for beginners. If you are WordPress beginners and want to create custom plugin as per your requirement, keep close attention in this post.

What is wordpress shortcode?

wordpress shortcodes are macros, which is used to create dynamic interaction with the content for rendering on the front-end websites.
wordpress shortcodes

Below are the some wordpress built-in shortcodes which will use to display dynamic contents on front-end websites. Here is the lists:

How to use WordPress shortcodes

There are two ways to use wordpress shortcode first is you can add shortcodes directly in your posts & pages. Second way is to use in your template files by using below WordPress code.

For using short code in your custom templates or theme’s PHP files like header.php, footer.php, index.php and etc. Just copy below function and replace the [shortcode] with your custom short codes. Just assume your short code is “Hello-World”, then function will look like do_shortcode('[Hello-World]');.

do_shortcode() function is defined in wp-includes/shortcodes.php file. I have also added that function defnition below.

Please make sure you have already define the shortcode, before using it in your posts, pages or template files. Above are the complete tutorial to create wordpress shortcode and how to use wordpress shortcodes. If you have still question, fill free to add your comments in below comment section.

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