How to upgrade a WordPress website to latest version

Are you using the old version of WordPress, If yes then please upgrade your website from old version to latest WordPress version. It is recommended by WordPress team to always use the latest version. This will help you to secure your WordPress website from many vulnerability.

In this tutorial i will let you know the very simple steps to upgrade the WordPress website with latest WordPress version. So lets begin to up-gradation process of WordPress. Below graphical diagram will let you know the complete process of up-gradation.

updated wordpress version

Backup your current WordPress site

Please make sure to take a backup of your complete website and database before start upgrade your website, because of it may your website will crash after update to latest version. If you have complete, then you can roll back your website.

Automatic Upgrade of WordPress website

Login in admin panel of your website and click on the Updates option Dashboard => Updates.

On the below page click on Update Now button to update to latest version. Success: Congrats you are done!.


In case of failure restore your current website. Now identify the cause of failure and do a Root Cause Analysis. After fixed the failure cause, start a fresh wordpress upgrade process.

Manual Upgrade of WordPress website

Download the latest version of WordPress package from and extract. Now replace the wp-admin and wp-includes folders with latest copy.


Above are the best and tried process to upgrade WordPress based website from old version to latest. If you still any question or suggestion please don’t hesitate to comment in below comment section and Do like & share this tutorial with your friends on social media.

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