How to Remove Author Prefix From Slug

In this tutorial i will share a little tips & tricks how to remove author prefix from slug. If you want to remove author from your slug from your wordpress website for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose.

There are two way to do this. first is you can completely remove author from slug OR you can change text from author to profile or any this as you want.

Remove Author Prefix From URL

Open your functions.php file from your active theme folder and copy paste below code at the ned of the file.

Change Author Slug Using Plugin


You can also change author slug by using Edit Author Slug WordPress plugin. By using this plugin you can control your user permalinks, its allow to change author slug to as you want.

Install this plugin in your wordoress webiste by following this article How to Install a WordPress Plugin.

Admin Setting

After install this plugin navigate to plugin setting page and as per you want.


Individual user author slug from this page.


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