How to setup version control in your wordpress website

If you are facing issue to manage your wordpress based website due to loss of your previous changes in posts & pages, then please keep close attention in this post as in today’s post i am going to share simple and easy steps to setup revision control in your wordpress website.

Revision Control is the best plugin which will manage revision control system in your wordpress websites. Just assume if you have made some changes in a post or page and after some days you again edit your page or post content.

After saved current changes you can’t revert back your previous changes, but this plugin will allow you do to this. You can revert back all your previous changes in a single click.

Setup Revision Control Plugin

To setup of revision control plugin folow this article How to Install a WordPress Plugin


Below screenshots will let you know how to setup revision control system for posts and pages in your wordpress websites.


Revision Controls global settings.
Revision Controls global settings

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