How to Add Categories in WordPress

Hi folks, I am going to discuss a very useful functionality of WordPress. In this tutorial, I will explain how to add categories in WordPress with screenshots.

The category is the default functionality of WordPres, by using this features you can categories your contents. It will help to your website visitors to choose your contents as per his/her interest.

Create WordPress Category

This tutorial will help to all WordPress beginners. Below are the steps to create WordPress categories. You can create There are two steps to add a category in WordPress, Login in your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the Posts => Categories.


On this screen, you will see the Add New Category and Category listing together. Now enter the category name, category slug, select parent category name, category description and click on the Add New Category.


You can also add a category from add new post page. Go to the Posts => Add New, on the left side you will see the meta box named “Categories”. By default, all your categories will be listed there but if you want to add a new category you can add from this page as well. Click “+Add New Category” and enter the category and click on add new category button.


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