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Yesterday I got request from one of my colleague, he has just started with WordPress and he asked how to create password protected WordPress Page or Post. I have told him this is the default functionality of WordPress and explain how he can protect WordPress Posts/Pages with password.

I think why not share this tutorial on my blog to help other WordPress beginners. So Lets start create a password for your page or page. Now login in WordPress admin panel and navigate to the Posts => All Posts and then hover on post listing. Click on the Quick Edit option.


After clicked on the Quick Edit, you will get the option to edit that post. Search password and enter the as you want to access that post from front-end website.


Now click on the update button after putting your password.


Now go the front-end to view this post, ther you will see the password option to view the content of this post. Enter the password and click on the enter button to view post contents.

create-password-post-step4 image

How to create password on WordPress pages

To create the password on WordPress page, navigate to the Pages => All Pages and then hover on page listing. Click on the Quick Edit option. Rest follow the same steps mentioned above for posts.

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