How to create readmore and readless using jQuery

Hi friends hope you are doing good. In todays tutorial i will let you know a very useful code snippets how to create readmore and readless using jQuery. This will help beginner developers

Please make sure you have added the latest jQuery in your web page, where you want to implement the readmore and readless functionality. The below code will not work without including the latest jQuery file.


In several web application you need to add readmore option to read the content in detail. When your webpage will load only 250 words will display and after click on readmore link you will get the complete contents there without page refresh. So lets start to create readmore using jQuery. Include the below jQuery file before head tag closed.

Add CSS code

Copy paste below css code in your stylesheet or add in your current webpage before head tag closed.

After including the above jQuery file copy paste below code before head tag closed.

Now add the comment more class in main DIV of your content like below i have added.


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