How to Add Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress

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In this tutorials ia will explain how to add bootstrap shortcodes for WordPress websites. By using Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress plugin you can implement the bootstrap 3 styles and components in your WordPress websites through shortcodes.

It will supports bootstrap 3 Grid (container, row, columns, fully responsive), Lead body copy, Emphasis classes, Code, Tables, Buttons, Images, Responsive embeds, Responsive utilities and much more.


How to install Bootstrap shortcode plugin

It is very easy to install this plugin with your WordPress webistes. Follow this article for WordPress pluign installation.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

How to use Bootstrap shortcodes WordPress plugin

After installation of this plugin, you will see the shortcode option button just above the WordPress TinyMCE editor (next to the “Add Media” button). It is very easy to use all shortcodes in TinyMCE editors for all posts and pages.


For add bootstrap shortcodes in your pages, simply click on the Bootstrap button and select the bootstrap components as per your requirement.


Below is the list of supported Components Button Groups, Button Dropdowns, Navs, Breadcrumbs, Labels, Badges, Jumbotron, Page Header, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress Bars, Media Objects, List Groups, Panels and Wells.


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