How to create multiple thumbnails for a post

I got many tutorial request from my website readers about how to create multiple thumbnails for a post in WordPress. I have recently used a WordPress plugins named “Multiple Post Thumbnails” to create multiple thumbnails for WordPress posts.

It is working with custom type post. If you are using custom type posts, in that case it will also worked. By using this plugin you have an option to use more than one featured image on a post.


Multiple Post Thumbnails plugin will provide an option to create multiple thumbnail images for a post. Lets install this plugin. If you have just started with WordPress, then you should read first:
How to install WordPress plugins.

Plugin configuration

After installation click on activate button to enable the plugin features. Now open your current functions.php file and copy paste below code to register secondary featured image.

How to display the thumbnails

Copy paste below code in your template page to display the post thumbnails.


Below is the screenshot of plugin how it is working after installations.




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