How to create WordPress admin themes

In today’s tutorial i will explain how to create a custom WordPress admin themes. WordPress is very flexible nature you can customize almost every part of WordPress. WordPress have lots of hooks & filters to customize it’s default features.

Today i have explained a very easy steps to create WordPress admin theme. To customize the WordPress admin theme create a WordPress plugin OR you can simply modify the css as you want, but the recomendded way is to create a WordPress plugin.


Creating an Admin Theme Plugin

The second method is very easy & simple as you can plug & play and it works. Lets start create a plugin to customize WordPress admin theme.

Go to the wp-content => Plugins and create a folder as you want i have created “fm-admin-theme” folder. Then create index.php and style.css like below.


Now open index.php file and create header of your plugin like below example:

How to change WordPress admin footer text

You can change the default WordPress admin footer text from “Thank you for creating with WordPress.” to as you want. Lets change the the footer text. Copy paste below code in plugin’s index.php file.

How to change WordPress admin footer left & right text

There are two section of admin footer Left and Right. Below is the code to change left and right both separataly.

To change the left admin footer’s text, use below code.

To change the right admin footer’s text, use below code.

Now add custom style in style.css file as per you requirement. Now login in to your website admin panel and go to the Dashboard => Plugins => Installed Plugins. Search “My Admin Theme” and click on the activate option to enable plugin features in your WordPress website.


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