How to remove category from URL in WordPress

If want to remove the category from category urls in your WordPress website, then keep close attention in this post. In today’s post i will explain the easy steps to remove category from url in your WordPress website.

Remove Category URL is a WordPress plugin which will remove category from category urls. This plugin removes ‘category’ from your category permalinks. (e.g. ‘’ to ‘’). There are more than 50,000+ active installs and 4.5 rating on the basis of 30 users reviews.

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How to install Remove Category URL plugin

The installation is very easy like other plugin. If you have just started with WordPress, you should first read: How to install WordPress plugins.

After installation of this plugin, category is automatically removed from category urls. No need any configuration for this. Now you should be able to access your categories via

There are several features like it will compatible with sitemap plugins, compatible with WPML, works with WordPress Multi-site, no need to modify WordPress files and No configuration is required.

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