How to reset WordPress to default installation

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If you are a WordPress developer, then this is very important tutorials for you. Please keep close attention in this post. Today i am going to explain how to reset WordPress to default installation.

If you are trying or tested several features of WordPress plugins or WordPress themes, then you don’t need to install multiple time WordPress. It is the very useful and handy admin tool to reset WordPress database.

Reset WP — WordPress Plugins

Reset WP is the best WordPress plugin which will reset your WordPress webiste to the default installation. It will reset all your manual configurations and posts & pages. It will back your WordPress in default mode as you have installed first time. It will only reset your database not modify or delete any WordPress core, themes & plugins files.

How to install Reset WP plugin

The installation of Reset WP plugin is very simple and easy. If you have just started with WordPress, you should first read: How to install WordPress plugins.

After installation of this plugin, navigate to Dashboard => Tools => Reset WP.


On this screen you will see the textbox with “Reset” button. Type reset-wp in textbox to confirm to reset database operation. If you have type different text, then you will get the error alert box with message “Invalid confirmation. Please type ‘reset-wp’ in the confirmation filed”.




Above are the very simple & easy steps to reset your WordPress database in your curent wordpress webiste. If you still need help, then feel free to add your comments in below comment sections. Do you like & share this article with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn cool WordPress tutorials.

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