How to search and replace urls from WordPress database

Hi friends, hope you are doing good. In today’s tutorial i will share the easy steps to How to search and replace urls from WordPress database. If you have developed your WordPress website on your local machine, staging server or QA server.

When you moving your website from local machine, staging server or QA server to production server, you will likely need ot update the new domain or server url in the database to work your website correctly.

Better Search Replace — WordPress Plugins

Sometimes your forgot to change some urls to replace with production server, then it may be your website will not work properly. So, that today i will share a very important thing which will provide you a simple interface to search and replace urls from old urls to new urls.

I found a useful WordPress plugin named “Better Search Replace” to do the same thing. It is very simple to setup with your WordPress websites. There are many plugins in WordPress plugin repository to the same thing, but this plugin is in incorporating with many features like below:

1) It supports serialization for all database tables.
2) You can also select a single tables to replace urls.
3) Multi-site support
4) No server requirements
5) You can perform “dry run” to see how many database fields will be updated.

How to install & setup better search replace plugin

The installation of this plugin is very simple like other plugins. If you have just started with WordPress, then read this post how to install WordPress plugin.

After installation of this plugin navigate to Tools => Better Search Replace. On that screen you will find option to configure plugin as you want.

Admin Settings Screenshots



Above are the screenshots, which helps you take idea how to look like after installation of this plugin in your WordPress websites. Do you like & share this article with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn cool WordPress tutorials.

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