A Simple Hello World Java Program

In this tutorial, i will explain how to write the simple hello world java program and execute on apache tomcate server. Before start writing Java program you need to install JDK in your machine.

How to install the JDK

Downloa the JDF file from Click here and install it into your system. After installation set your jdk/bin path and then start writing a simple java program.

HelloWorld program in Java

How to create a hello world java program

Below is the complete example of a simple hello world java program. Create a HelloWorld.java file and copy paste below code:

Save the HelloWorld.java file and open command prompt to compile and run you java program. Use below command to perform the action:

1) Compile: javac HelloWorld.java (It will create the HelloWorld.class file after successfully compilation)
2) Execute: java HelloWorld (It will print the Hello World!)

The output is:

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