How to add attachments in WordPress comments form

Are you want to add extra fields as attachments in comment form of your WordPress websites, then pay attention in this tutorial. In today’s tutorial i will let you know how to add attachments in WordPress comments form. I have searched a best plugin, which will your website visitors to attach files with their comments. They can upload the images, audios and videos in their comments on your WordPress websites.

You have total controls, like you can set some permissions like maximum file size, file extensions, etc.. to upload attachments in comments form. If your WordPress version is less than 3.6.0, then audios and videos will not be work properly. It is highly recommended to upgrade your WordPress websites. If you are beginers and don’t know how to upgrade WordPress versions. Read: How to upgrade a WordPress website to latest version.

Comment Attachment — WordPress Plugins Download

Comment Attachment is the best WordPress plugin, which allow your to add attachment field in your comment form.

How to install Comment Attachment Plugins

Step 1) navigate to your website dashboard and click on Plugins => Add New option.

Step 2) Search for “Comment Attachment” in search textbox.

Step 3) Now click on Install Now button.

Step 4) After successfully installation click on Activate button to enable it’s features.


How to setup Comment Attachment in WordPress

When you have done all the above steps then attachment option is automatically available in your comment form. Below is the some screenshots which will let you know the right configurations of this plugin.






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