Angularjs Global API With Example

This is a very quick tutorial which demonstrates the Angularjs Global API With Example. The global functions are accessible via the angular object. Below is the list of some common global javascript functions for performing tasks:

1) Comparing objects

2) Iterating objects

3) Converting data

angularjs-global api

Angularjs Global API With Example

Below are some common global API which will use to filter data.

1) angular.lowercase(value) => Converts a string to lowercase
2) angular.uppercase(value) => Converts a string to uppercase
3) angular.isString(value) => Returns true if the reference is a string
4) angular.isArray(value); => Return true if the refeerence is an array
5) angular.isNumber(value) => Returns true if the reference is a number
6) angular.isDate(value) => Return true if the refeerence is date
7) angular.isUndefined(value) => Determines if a reference is undefined
8) angular.equals(value1, value2) => Determines if two two values are equivalent


Below example will describe how to use the angular common functions in your real coding. Create a index.html file copy paste below code to test the angularJS API functions.

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