How to create angularjs form

I have specially shared this tutorial for whom who want to start his/her career with angularjs OR just started with angularjs. This tutorial will help your know how to create angularjs form. This is very simple & easy tutorial to help angularjs beginners.

Before start, I assume you have basic knowledge of JavaScript programming language. Lets start creating angularjs form, first include the angularjs file before head tag closed. At the end of this tutorial i will share the complete angularjs form code with example.


Create form.html page and copy paste below angularjs file before head tag closed.

Create angularjs form

Copy & paste below code in form.html file after body tag. In the below code I have created sampleCtrl and ng-app directive defines the Angularjs application and define ng-model directive to bind the input elements in the model. For reset the below form use the reset() function to set default values in the input elements.

How to create angularjs form

Below is the complete angularjs form script. copy and paste in form.html file.

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