Free Angular Frontend Templates

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In this tutorial i have listed 5 free and 100% responsive angular starter template for front-end websites. You can see the live demo of templates before download.

1) HTML AngularJS Template

HTML AngularJS Template is a angularjs & HTML5 based front-end template, which is robust and adaptable web application.

Demo Download

2) Basic AngularJS Template

It is a basic angularjs & bootstrap template, which is a single page application.

Demo Download

3) Angularjs MVC Template

Angularjs MVC Template is the 100% free and responsive starter templates based on MVC (Model, view, controller) arctitecture.

Demo Download

4) Angular Brunch

Brunch is a ultra fast, free HTML5 and angularjs template. It is large number of application skeleton designs. By using this template you can speed-up your development based angularjs and HTML5.

Demo Download

5) White AngularJS

White AngularJS is a best template to start your next angularjs application. Below is the directory structure of this app.

Demo Download

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