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Are you using a WooCommerce online store and want to create a bulk product, then keep close attention in this post because I am going to share the very useful WordPress plugin. In today’s tutorial, I will explain how to import products into WooCommerce store.

Woocommerce CSV importer is the best option for you to import products in your WooCommerce store using CSV (Comma Separated Values).

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Below are some major features of this plugins:

1) Import variable products

2) Import attributes

3) Import custom fields

4) Import premium

5) import taxonomies

How to Install Woocommerce CSV Importer

Then installation of Woocommerce CSV importer plugins very easy. Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugins => Add New option from the left menu bar. Now search “Woocommerce CSV importer” in search text box and then click on the Install Now button. When installation will complete, then click on the Activate button to enable the plugin features.

Add Plugins Woocommerce CSV importer WordPress

Configuration of Woocommerce CSV Importer

Below screenshots will describe the configuration this plugin from your admin dashboard. It is very easy to imports, before import your product downloads the sample CSV files and create your CSV file as it is.

Woocommerce CSV importer-screenshot-1

Woocommerce CSV importer-screenshot-2

Woocommerce CSV importer-screenshot-3

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