How to install apache tomcat server

If you are a just started with Java programming language, then pay your attention in this post as i am going to share the simple & easy steps to install apache tomcat server on window operating system.

In order to install & use tomcat web server to develop your web applications, you must first install it’s dependencies. The latest version of apache Tomcat is 9.0. It is designed to run on Java SE 7, so if going to install Tomcat 9.0, then it must be installed Java 7 in your system.

Download the compatible JDKs for your operating system like (Window, Mac, etc..) from

Install apache tomcat server

For installing in window system is very easily by using the Windows installer. Download the apache Tomcat 9.0 from and execute the exe file. During the installation you need to put the JRE path. For more details and installation & setup process visit : here.

Now you will see the Apache Tocat 9.0 in your task bar. To start the apache Tomcat press right click on Tomcat icon and click on Start Service.


Visit the http://localhost:8080/ to access the tomcat server.


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