How to Reset Admin Password in WordPress

Hi Folks, Many time we forgot our admin password of WordPress website and facing problem to reset a new password. In this tutorial, I will explain multiple ways to reset WordPress administrator password of WordPress websites.

Maybe some way you already know, but I will also explain some new ways to reset a new password in WordPress.

Forgot Password by Email

Open your website admin panel link like and click on the Lost your password option for the forgot password page. Enter your admin email address and click on the Get New Password button.

Forgot Password by Email

Now if your email address is correct, then you will get an email in your inbox with reset password link. Click on the reset password link and reset your admin password as you want.

WordPress Reset Password

Using PHPMyAdmin

If you have not got the email with your email address OR you have forgotten your admin email address, then this is another option to reset your admin password. Open PHPMyAdmin of your website and select the database and open your wp_users table. select your admin user and click on the edit option. Now select the MD5 option from drop down list and enter your new password and click on the Go button to reset your admin password.


Using Emergency Password Reset Script

If you are unable to change the password using above two ways, then there is another option to reset your admin password. Create a emergency.php file and Copy paste code from emergency password reset link Now upload emergency.php file on root directory of website and visit on your front-end website.

Open and enter your admin username & new password and click on Update options to reset your admin password. Your password has been reset successfully, Now login in your admin panel of your website using the new password.

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