WordPress Comments: A Beginner guide

I have specially designed this tutorial for WordPress beginners Or want to start with WordPress users. Comments are a way for your website visitors to add his/her feedback on your posts and pages. You can enable and disable the comment option from admin. By default comments are visible at the end of your all posts.

If you want to disable commenting system from your website read: How to remove comments completely from your WordPress website. Want to change the design of your comments listing, edit your comments.php file.

wordpress comments

How to enable or disable comment

For disable the comment go to the Settings => Discussion Settings and unchecked the “Allow people to post comments on new articles” option. This will hide the comment option from your front-end website for all your new posts.

How to Enable or Disable Comment

How to edit comment

If you want to edit existing comments, then go to the Comments => All Comments. All comments are lists there hover on the comments list and click on the edit option to edit that particular comment. You have also an option of Quick edit, reply, and Unapproved the comment. If you Unapproved the comment, then that comment will not visible on front-end website.

How to Edit Comment

Allow only registered users to comment on your site

Want to allow only registered users to comment on your website, then go to the Settings => Discussion Settings and check the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” checkbox. This option will force the user to login before commenting on your website.

Allow only registered users to Comment on your site

Comment notifications

If you want to get email notification on your email address whenever someone added new comments or reply on any comments, then navigate to the Settings => Discussion Settings and checked “Anyone posts a comment” option.

Comment Notifications

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