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Hello, friend, today I am going to explain about a very important module of WordPress, that is “WordPress Users”.
By using WordPress User section you can manage roles and capabilities of your site users.

This is the default module which comes with WordPress installation. This tutorial will explain more about WordPress user section. After this tutorial, you can:

1) Users roles and capabilities.
2) How to add a new user.
3) How to edit an existing user.
4) How to delete an existing user.

Users roles and capabilities

WordPress come with five default roles such as Administrator, Author, Contributor, Editor, and Subscriber. They have separate access permissions of a WordPress site.

1) Administrator: An administrator has full rights over a site. He can do everything with the site. Basically, this role is for site owners to control of WordPress website.

2) Editor: An editor role for WordPress users which have full control on contents of the website. The editor can add, edit, delete any posts, comments on the aWordPress website including written by other as well. Rather then they have not other priveledges to perform these task like change site settings, install plugins, themes, user management.

3) Author: WordPress user having author role can only write, edit, delete and publish their own posts. They have not priveledges to edit, delete, and publish others posts.

4) Contributor: WordPress users having contributor role can only add a new post and edit their posts. They can not delete their posts from WordPress website.

5) Subscriber: WordPress users having subscriber role can register, login with the website and can update their profile on WordPress website.

How to add a new user

For adding a new WordPress user, login in the dashboard of your website and navigate to the Users => Add New. Enter the value in required fields and click on Add New user button to create a new user on your website.

Add New User WordPress

How to edit an existing user

Navigate to the Users => All Users, hover your mouse on listed users lists and click on edit option to edit that user’s details.

User Profile WordPress

How to delete an existing user

To delete an existing user fro your WordPress website go to the Users => All Users and hover on the listed user, click on the delete the option to delete that particular user. You have also an option to delete multiple users by selecting the multiple users. For deleting the multiple users one time checked the users to delete and select the delete option from Bulk Actions drop down.

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