Count Character in Textarea Using jQuery

Are you looking to build a script like twitter to show your users how many characters they have remaining to write? If your answer is yes, then keep a close eye in this tutorial. In this tutorial, I will explain how to count a character in textarea using jQuery. This is a quick tutorial about jQuery.

It is very useful as we need most of the time to create a textarea which will count the entered character by the user in the real web application development.

Download Demo

Please make sure you have included the below jQuery file in your web page where you want to implement the character count functionality for your textarea.

Textarea characters count

Use below code to create textarea characters count in your web applications. Copy paste below jQuery code in your page before head tag closed.

Use below code in your application where you want to use character counter in textarea.

See the live demo of characters count script and then download complete code from below download link.
Download Demo

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