How to Speed up Your WordPress Websites

Nowadays, most of the peoples are choosing the WordPress to develop his/her websites due to WordPress is very handy to use with user-friendly admin panel. Many of them peoples are facing the of website page loading time.

If your website taking more time to load, then you will not get more visitors. Just assume if any user search something on google and get 10 instant results and he will open 2-3 links one of your sites also. If your website will take more time in loading, then the user will close that tab and go to the next result.

Improve Performance of your WordPress Website

How to speed up your WordPress Websites

Want to reduce your website page loading time? Please close attention in this post as I am going to explain some trick to how you will speed up your WordPress website. For testing the page loading time for your site visit:

There are multiple tricks to speed-up your website see in below lists:

  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Enable HTTP Compression
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript

How to fix leverage browser caching using htaccess

Login to your site server using FileZilla FTP client software and navigate to the root directory. Open the .htaccss file and copy paste below code at end of the file.

How to enable gzip compression using htaccess

Again edit your .htaccess file and copy paste below code at end of the file and upload to the root directory of the website.

How to enable HTTP Compression using htaccess

Now enable HTTP compression for your website copy paste below code in your .htaccess file at the end file and upload it to root directory of the site.

Defer parsing of JavaScript

Defer parsing of JavaScript in your WordPress website. Open functions.php file from your current theme folder and copy paste below code at the end line.

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