How to Importing WooCommerce Dummy Data

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Are you developing WooCommerce based online store OR want to set up the test environment to test WooCommerce features and R&D purpose, If your answer is “YES”.

Keep close attention in this post as I am going to share the simple and easy step how to importing WooCommerce dummy data in your WooCommerce websites.


How to Importing WooCommerce Dummy Data

Download the WooCommerce plugin from and install it on your website and follow the right steps to set up the WooCommerce plugin. After installation and set up, perhaps you need to some sample products and orders, then we have got some sample WooCommerce data just for you.

Download WooCommerce sample data

Above Sample data contains products with images and this will work with any WordPress theme.

How to install WooCommerce Dummy Data

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the Tools => Import and select the WordPress option. If you have not installed WordPress Importer plugin, then install this plugin.


After installation successful, select the Run Importer process to import sample data. Now select the dummy-data.xml file from where you have downloaded earlier. Select user username from drop-down option and then click on the submit button.


Please wait for a while to import sample data. Congrats, you now have some sample data in WooCommerce to learn from!


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