How to Regenerate Thumbnails For All Old Post in WordPress

In today’s tutorial, I am going to share a very useful tutorial with you which will help you to migrate/transfer your website from development server to production server.

Sometimes you need to change the thumbnail sizes on your WordPress website in that condition this will help you regenerate the thumbnail of your all posts. Regenerate Thumbnails is best WordPress plugin to regenerate the thumbnails of your all blog posts.

regenerate-thumbnails Download Live Demo

How to install regenerate thumbnails

To install this plugin login into your website admin panel and navigate to the dashboard =>Plugins => Add New. Now search the “regenerate thumbnails” in the search text box and click on the Install Now option.

regenerate thumbnails install plugin

After successful installation click on the Activate button to enable the regenerate thumbnails plugin features.

regenerate thumbnails activate plugin

Now navigate to the Tools => regenerate thumbnails option click on the Regenerate All Thumbnails button. It will automatically regenerate the thumbnail of all your posts images.



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