Create a Simple Contact Form Using Angularjs and PHP

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Hi, folks hope doing well, today I am going to explain a very useful tutorial with you. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a simple contact form using angularJS and PHP.

The contact form is a standard web page which is available on every website. It allows site’s visitors to contact with site owners or service provider who is responsible for maintenance that website. so that I think why not create a simple contact form using angular js and PHP to receive a response from websites, readers/users.

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We are using the angular js for front-end and PHP for the server side. We will write code in PHP which accepts data from an angular form and sends an email to the site administrator. Create a folder named “contact-form” in your web app directory and create a Sample HTML page – index.html. Now copy paste below code in the index.html file.

PHP Code For Send Email

Create a contact.php page and copy paste below code. Below PHP code will retrieve data from the angular form and send an email to entered an email address.

Download Live Demo

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