How to Setup Shipping Zones For Free Shipping in WooCommerce

This is a quick tutorial. In this tutorial, I will explain how to Setup Shipping Zones For Free Shipping in WooCommerce. Let’s start creating the free shipping zone for your WooCommerce based online stores.

This is the default features of WooCoomerce with the latest version. Please make sure you are using the latest version of WooCoommerce in your website before applying this tutorial on your website.

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If you are still using the old version of WooCommerce, then I recommend upgrading your WooCommerce plugin with the latest version. Also, keep a proper backup of your database and code as well before upgrading WooCommerce to latest versions. To offer free shipping is the best way to encourage customers/visitors to spend more money on your online store. You can also set up some rule on your store like if someone buys 100 USD or more than 100 USD, then offer them free shipping.

Setup Shipping Zones

Login to your site’s admin panel and go to the WooCommerce => Settings => Shipping option. On that page, you will see the option to add a new zone and a default Rest of the World zone.


Click on the add new zone for adding a new shipping zone. After clicking on the add new zone button you will see the screen where you need enter the all required fields to create new shipping zone.


After adding the multiple shipping zones, you have also an option to sort your zones. The sorting is a very simple, hover on any zone and hold your mouse key and drag & drop where you want. After sorting click on the save changes button to save your current sorting orders.


How to delete shipping methods from zones

You can delete your shipping methods from zone anytime. For removing shipping method from zone click on the zone, you will be redirected to the shipping methods listing page for that, particular zone. Now hover on the listing and click on the remove option.


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