WordPress Function List With Their Meanings

Hi WordPress developer, hope you are doing good. This is a very quick tutorial, In this tutorial, I will share the WordPress function list with their meanings.

Below is the list of some basic WordPress function which is used to create a custom WordPress theme. Copy the below functions and use it within your theme files. Also at the end of this tutorial I have shared an eBook named “WordPress Security Implementation Guideline” as a bonus for FreeWebMentor visitor for limited time period.


WordPress Function List With Their Meanings

< ?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – Title of the Blog, or Blog Name

< ?php wp_title(); ?> – Title of a Specific Page

< ?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?> – Exact URL for the Site

< ?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?> – Site’s Description

< ?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?> – Location of Site’s Theme File

< ?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> – Link to the Style.css location

< ?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?> – RSS Feed URL for the Site

< ?php bloginfo(‘pingback_url’); ?> – Pingback URL for the site

< ?php bloginfo(‘version’); ?> – WordPress Version Number

< ?php get_header(); ?> – Displays Header.php file content

< ?php get_footer(); ?> – Displays Footer.php file content

< ?php get_sidebar(); ?> – Displays Sidebar.php file content

< ?php comments_template(); ?> – Displays Comment.php file content

< ?php the_content(); ?> – Displays the Content of the Post

< ?php the_excerpt(); ?> – Displays the excerpt that is used in Posts

< ?php the_title(); ?> – Title of the Specific Post

< ?php the_permalink() ?> – Link of the Specific Post

< ?php the_category(‘, ‘) ?> – Category of a Specific Post

< ?php the_author(); ?> – Author of the Specific Post

< ?php the_ID(); ?> – ID of a Specific Post

< ?php edit_post_link(); ?> – Edit link for a Post

< ?php next_post_link(‘ %link ‘) ?> – URL of the Next Page

< ?php previous_post_link(‘%link’) ?> – URL of the Previous Page

< ?php get_links_list(); ?> – Lists all links in Blogroll

< ?php wp_list_pages(); ?> – Lists all Pages

< ?php wp_get_archives() ?> – List Archive for the Site

< ?php wp_list_cats(); ?> – Lists all Categories

< ?php get_calendar(); ?> – Displays the Built in Calendar

< ?php wp_register(); ?> – Displays Register Link

< ?php wp_loginout(); ?> – Displays Login/Logout Link only to Registered Users

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