The Ultimate WordPress Optimization Guide

Hi WordPress folks, in this tutorial, I will explain WordPress optimization guides like how to optimize your WordPress based websites for better performance.

Nowadays many users, business owners are using WordPress either as a CMS or blog platform because of its simple admin interface and a lot of great plugins available as 100% free. You can create a fully featured website using WordPress in few hours.

Improve Performance of your WordPress Website

What Affects Your Website Performance

Below are the lists of items which affect your website’s performance:

1) Hosting Service
Most of the websites are hosted on the shared server, I recommended buying WordPress hosting or dedicated hosting to host your WordPress websites. There are several hosting provider companies like Bluehost and SiteGround which are providing the best WordPress hosting service with good technical supports.

2) WordPress Configuration
Your theme plays a big role to optimize and boost your website’s performance, so always try to use a fast and lightweight WordPress theme to perform much efficiently than a heavy graphics based theme.

3) Size of Graphics
Try to use lightweight and optimized images in your theme as well posts and pages also try to reduce the image size as you can.

4) Unused Codes and WordPress plugins
Plugins are making a huge impact on your website’s performance so that always try to use as a minimum plugin as you can. In order to improve your website’s performance tries to deactivate and delete all the unused plugins from your website.

How to measure website performance

There are many online tools are available to measure website’s performance and improvements area. Below are some good measure performance tools:

1) Google Page Speed
2) New Relic
3) Gtmetrix

How to improve performance of your WordPress website

There are several aspects which help you to boost your site’s performance. Below are some tips, which help you in boosting your website’s performance. Please go through with a step as you can do.

1) Use Caching
There are many caching plugins are available in WordPress plugin directory, but I recommended to use W3 Total Cache Plugin. This can be boosting your site’s performance hundred times over for fairly static pages.

2) Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Always prefer to use the CDN for your theme’s images, JavaScript, and CSS files. You can start a free plan of CloudFlare for CDN services. CloudFlare is a popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider for internet security services.

3) Cleaning Your Database
There are many plugins are available for database tuning. These plugins help you to reduce the clutter in your database and revisions of your pages and posts.

Over to You

Above are the suggestions to improve your WordPress website’s performance. If you find out some others tips to improve site’s performance, then feel free to add your comments in below comment section. If like this tutorial, do you like & share this post with your friends on social media, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn cool WordPress tutorials.

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