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Hi folks, hope you are doing good. If you have just started with WordPress OR want to start with WordPress, then this tutorial is designed for you and others WordPress beginners.

In this tutorial, you will learn WordPress to create an awesome WordPress website. In this post, I have also added some recommended tutorial which helps you speed up your WordPress knowledge.


Start with WordPress

Ready to start with WordPress? Open wordpress.org and download the latest version of WordPress. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the complete WordPress folder to move it in www directory of your local machine. Now open the PHPMyAdmin in your web browser like http://loacalhot/phpmyadmin and create database named “WordPress”.

localhost phpMyAdmin

How to install WordPress in local machine

After database created, follow the below article to install WordPress on your local machine.

Have you done with a WordPress installation, then now time to follow some essential things which must do after installing a WordPress blog.

Install WordPress theme & plugin

After the set up the above 5 steps, now you can proceed with WordPress theme OR WordPress plugin installation. Navigate to the Appearance => Themes and click on the Theme menu and then click on the Add New to install another awesome WordPress theme in your website. Follow the below articles to install a WordPress Themes and plugins on your WordPress websites.

Also read below tutorials:

Have you done with all above steps, good!. Now Download WordPress Security implementation Guide eBook for 100% free.

If you are a serious WordPress developer OR WordPress website owner, then you must implement the Security Guideline in your WordPress website. It will help you to protect from hackers/attackers.

wordpress security guide


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