15 Extremely Helpful Magento Scripts

Hello Magento folks, Today I am going to share the 15 extremely helpful Magento scripts which will help more in your Magento web application development.

I have collected these all scripts during my Magento website development and some from the other websites. I have put them in one post so that many Magento developers can use it.

magento tutorial

1) Debug using zend

Want to debug your Magento code using Zend framework, then use the below code snippet.

2) Get Products by Category ID

By using the below code get all products by category ID.

3) Get An Array of Country Names/Codes in Magento

4) Get associated products in Magento

Get all associated product lists in magento. Use below code in /app/design/frontend/default/site/template/catalog/product/view/type/ file.

5) Get The Root Category in Magento

Get the parent category of a product in Magento.

6) Get the current category/product/cms page

7) Programmatically change Magento’s core config data

8) Check if customer is logged in

9) Get product by id or sku in magento

10) Get Configurable product’s Children’s (simple product) custom attributes in magento

11) Call Static Block in magento

12) How to Run Magento Code in External file

13) How to change Magento’s core config data programmatically

14) How to use $_GET, $_POST & $_REQUEST Variables

15) How to Create a Country Drop Down in the Frontend of Magento

Over to You

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