5 Common Magento Problems and Their Solutions

Are you an experienced Magento developer or you have just started with Magento. If you have just started with Magento an eCommerce CMS platform, then this tutorial is specially designed for you. There are many common problems you faced during developing a Magento website. In this tutorial, I will explain 5 common Magento problems and their solutions which will help you speed up your developing time.

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1. How to speed up your magento website

Are you facing the performance issues in your Magento website, then it is recommended to enable the compilation function with your Magento site. Compilation function will increase your website performance from 25% to 50%. Navigate to the Magento dashboard => System => Tools => Compilation.

2. How to reset admin password of magento

If you forget the admin password of your Magento site, then you need to reset the admin password. Login to your CPanel and open the phpMyAdmin and select your database. Now click on the SQL tab and copy paste below query to reset your admin password.

Replace “NEWPASSWORD” with your password and “AdminUsername” with your website admin username, then execute the query.

3. How to fix the “Access denied” error in magento

If you are getting the Access denied issue in your Magento site, then simply log out the admin user and login again. If this will not fix your issue, the reset the permissions of your admin user via Magento admin area => System => Permissions => Roles => Administrators and select set to All from resource access then click on the Save Role button.

4. How to clear the log & cache in magento

Your website is taking more time to load due to logs & cache. You need to clear the logs & cache of your Magento website. I had written a dedicated tutorial to clear logs & cache of Magento site using a simple PHP script. Check out:

  • Clean up Magento Log & Cache Maintenance Data

5. How to add a contact form in magento

Want to add a contact us form on your Magento website with your company address and contact details, then follow the below steps:

Step 1. Create a CMS page via Admin => Manage Pages.

Step 2. Create a new page named “Contact Us”.

Step 3. Copy and paste the following HTML code where you would like to display contact form in your CMS page:

Step 4. Click on the Save changes button and visit contact us page, the form will be displayed.

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