Add Nofollow Tag on External Link in WordPress

Are you a blogger or digital marketer and you are using the WordPress as a blogging platform, then keep your close attention on this tutorial as I will share a WordPress plugin which gives you an option to add Nofollow tag in every link during adding or editing your blog posts.

When you link on the link option to add external website link into your post, then it will give an option to add Nofollow tag in that link.


Download From

Add Nofollow Tag on External Link in WordPress

Download the latest version of Ultimate Nofollow WordPress Plugin from and upload it to the wp-contents => plugin directory after unzipping it. After successfully uploaded login in your site admin and navigate to the Plugins => Installed Plugins and search “Ultimate Nofollow” and then click on the activate option to enable this plugin.

Now go to the Posts => All Posts and hover on posts listing to edit an existing blog post, now click on the link option to add a link.

Add Nofollow Tag on External Link in WordPress

Below are some features of this plugin:

1) The addition of a NoFollow checkbox when inserting links in posts
2) Several NoFollow shortcodes
3) A NoFollow option for individual blogroll links
Or a Nofollow for all blogroll links option
4) Add or remove the Nofollow tag from all links in comments

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