How to Block Bad Bots To Access Your Website

In this tutorial, I will share the very useful tutorial with you. many blogs and websites are facing the bandwidth issue due to some common bots that consume your maximum bandwidth and slow down your server.

In this tutorial, I will share a very useful WordPress plugin named “Spider Blocker”. Spider Blocker will block most common bots to access your website. These websites consume your maximum bandwidth and force your website to load slowly.

Spider Blocker WordPress Plugin

Spider Blocker plugin will block most common bots by using the Apache .htaccess file to minimize the impact on your website and also hide from the external scanner. It will only work with apache server and mod_rewrite enabled.

Plugin Features

  • It will block unlimited bots from accessing your website
  • Easy to export/import rules (comes with most common list of bots)
  • With zero footprint

How to Install Spider Blocker WordPress Plugin

The installation of Spider Blocker WordPress plugin is very easy as other plugin. If you have just started with WrdPress then Read:

Contributors & Developers

Spider Blocker have developed by “niteoweb” and it is open source software. It will also available to translate into your local languages.

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