How to Create Payment Receipt Using Bootstrap

Hi Guys, hope you are in good health and spirit. Today, I am going to share the very useful thing with you. Nowadays eCommerce market is growing very fast and in every eCommerce websites, we need the payment receipts.

When any customer buys your online products even that is the digital product or shippable products, you need to send the payment receipt for his purchases. In this tutorial, I will share how to create payment receipt using bootstrap.

bootstrap Payment Receipt

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How to Create Payment Receipt Using Bootstrap

Let’s start creating the payment receipt using bootstrap framework. If youhave just started with Bootstrap, Read:

you need to include the bootstrap JS & CSS files before head tag close in payment receipt page. Copy paste below code in your HTML page.

HtML Code

After including the bootstrap JS and CSS files in your HTML page, copy below HTML code and paste it after the body start. You can modify the HTML contents as per your requirements and also you can make it dynamically using the loop in below code.

You can download the complete script from below link and also you can see the live demo before download.

Live Demo           Download

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