How to Create Portfolio Gallery With Filtering Category

Hi friend, hope you are doing good. After this tutorial, you will learn how to create portfolio gallery with filtering category. Nowadays, most business websites have portfolio section/page, so today you will learn how to create a portfolio on the category basis.

I have also explained this by an example at the end of this tutorial, you can download the example portfolio template and free to make changes as per your requirement.

bootstrap portfolio examples

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Include JS & CSS Files

Let’s start to create bootstrap portfolio template but make sure you have included the bootstrap JS & CSS files before head tag closed. Copy below code and add it into your portfolio file.

Add JS Code

Add below jQuery script in your file after the JS & CSS files included. Below jQuery code will filter your portfolio on the category basis.

Add CSS Code

Add below CSS code after the JS file OR you can also create a separate style file and add below CSS code. You can also customize the below CSS code to match with template color combination.


Now add below HTML code to display on the portfolio template page. You can change the below code as you want.

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