How to add an Attachment in WordPress Comment

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Want to add an option to attachment of media files like images, audio files, and video files in your WordPress comment system. If yes, then this tutorial is the only design for you.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to add an attachment in WordPress Comment system of your WordPress websites. Comment Attachment is best WordPress plugin which allows your site visitors to attach media file like documents, images, audio and video files.

How to add an Attachment in WordPress Comment

Download Plugin From

This plugin use the WordPress hooks and multiple admin settings in site admin using native WP_Settings API There are lots of features this plugin have, below are the list of some features:

  • Make attachment a required field
  • Option to allow which file types are allowed to be attached.
  • Decide whether attachment can be downloaded.
  • Select position of attachment in comment, either before the main comment, or after it.
  • Option to restrict file size of uploaded attachment.
  • Enter label of attachment in comment text (by default ‘Attachment:’)
  • Audio & video player will work with WordPress 3.6 and above versions.

You can change the output of attachment field on the front website by using the below CSS classes.

and for the inner comment style

How to Install Comment Attachment Plugin

The installation of this plugin is very simple & easy as other plugins. Download the latest version of this plugin from directory and login in your site admin then navigate to the dashboard => Plugins => Add New button. Search “Comment Attachment” in search text box and click on the install now button.

After installation of this plugin click on the Activate button to enable this plugin feature on your website. Go to the comment setting to configure plugin setting as per your requirement.

Plugins Screenshots


After configuring this plugin you will from admin panel visit the front-end site and an attachment field will be displayed in the comment section.

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