How to Add Thumbnail Image in Your WordPress Category

In this tutorial, I will explain how to add thumbnail image in your WordPress category. After using the thumbnail images in your categories, your categories will be more attractive and more presentable.

Categories Images WordPress plugin will allow you to add thumnail images in your cutegories. Use these functions in your template files < ?php if (function_exists('z_taxonomy_image_url')) echo z_taxonomy_image_url(); ?> to get the url and put it in any img tag or simply use < ?php if (function_exists('z_taxonomy_image')) z_taxonomy_image(); ?> in (category or taxonomy) template.

How to Add Thumbnail Image in Your WordPress Category

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You can also configure this using settings menu you can exclude any taxonomies from the plugin to avoid conflicting with another plugin like WooCommerce.

How ot install Categories Images WordPress Plugin

The installation of this plugin is very easy as you installed other WordPress plugins. If you have just started with WordPress, then Read:

You can also follow the below steps:

1) Open your WordPress admin panel, then plugins menu > Add New and search for ‘Categories Images’.
2) Click to install.
3) Once it installed, click on activate the option to enable its functionalities.

Add Plugins  WordPress

After the activation of this plugin navigate to the Settings => Category Images option. Select the setting options as per your requirement and then click on the Save Changes button to save your current settings.

Categories Images settings WordPress

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