How to Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

Hi WordPress folks, hope you are I good health and spirit. Today, I am going to share very useful tutorials with you, which will save your tons of time during developing WordPress websites. Please keep your close attention in this post as I am going to explain how to create custom post type in WordPress.

How to Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

WordPress Custom Post Type

Custom post types are the same like WordPress pages and posts. There are some post types are comes inbuilt from default WordPress installation like Post, Page, Attachment, and revision. WordPress provides features to create more custom post types as per your requirement, assume you have started developing a recipe site and want to create a separate post type for recipes, then you can create by using some script in your functions.php file.

Use the below code to create custom recipes post type.

WordPress Custom Post Type Plugin

You can also create custom post type by using WordPress plugin. In this tutorial, I will explain a WordPress plugin which provides you an option to create multiple custom post type as per your requirement via UI options.

Custom Post Type Maker a WordPress plugin which provides an option to create custom post type via UI options with lots of features. Download the latest version of this plugin from plugin directory of and install it in your WordPress blog/website. If you have just started with WordPress Read:

How to Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

After the installation of this plugin click on the activate button to enable the plugin features. Now navigate to the Dashboard =>Post Types click on the Add New option to create recipe type custom post and fill the required fields and follow the instruction to create custom post type.

Add Custom Post Type WordPress

You can also create your own custom taxonomies to use in custom post types. In the below screenshot I have created a separate category taxonomies for recipe. Click on the Taxonomies submenu from Post Types left menu and click on the Add New button to create a new taxonomies.

Add New Custom Taxonomy WordPress

Over to You

Above are the steps to create a custom post type as per your requirement in your WordPress sites. Hope this tutorial help you. Do you like & share this article with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn cool WordPress tutorials.

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