How to Create Pagination With Bootstrap Framework

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Are you using the twitter bootstrap framework to developing your websites? Nowadays almost every website have pagination to display the information in the chunk. Just assume if you have more than 100 data and you want to display on the page then the better idea to display all information in the chunk like first only 10 data will display and when you click on the next button OR paging option the next data will be display.


Simple Bootstrap Pagination

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create pagination with the bootstrap framework. Keep your close attention in this tutorial.

Bootstrap 3 Pagination and Pager Navigation

Pagination with Disabled and Active Option

Use the class .disabled for making the links disabled and .active to indicate the current page.

Bootstrap 3 Pagination

Bootstrap pager

Add below code to display pager like previous and Next button. Add below code where you want to display in your page.

Bootstrap 3 Pagination Previous and next

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