How to Disable Automatic formatting in WordPress

In WordPress when you creating a WordPress post and WordPress page, then after publish or update the post WordPress formatted your content automatically. Some time many website owners don’t want to format his content according to the WordPress and want to disable this default feature of WordPress. If you one of from them, then keep your close attention in this tutorial as I am going to share how to disable automatic formatting in WordPress editor.


How to Disable Automatic formatting in WordPress

Open your functions.php file and add the below code at the end of the file.

There is a second option to disable WordPress automatic format by using a WordPress plugin named “PS Disable Auto Formatting“. Download the latest version of this plugin and install it into your WordPress website.

disable wordpress auto formating

If you have just started with WordPress. Checkout:

This plugin will disable the WordPress auto-formatting from each area of your post, comment, excerpt, and terms description and it will also work for your all old articles that you have already posted.

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