Extremely Useful Drupal 8 Snippets

Are you a drupal developer then this tutorial is very useful for you. In this tutorial, You will find some extremely useful code snippets for your drupal 8 site. I have collected these all snippets from google and create a complete tutorial in one place for my site visitors. These snippets will help you to add some extra features in your drupal websites.

drupal 8 snippets

How to create a custom admin page to your module in drupal 7

How to get custom user fields

Use below code to get custom user fields in drupal 8.

Date Difference Helper Function

Below function will calculate the difference between the current date and given date.

Drupal 8: how to create a user account programmatically

Are you want to create a user account programmatically in drupal 8. Below drupal code will create a user account programmatically in your drupal 8. Copy below function and use it in your web page to create a user account in your drupal 8 websites.

How to render a link in drupal 8

How to programmatically list all user permissions in drupal 8

Output will be:

How to remove default CSS files from drupal 8

How to rename file name during file upload in drupal 7 & 8

How to define variable from a custom block’s content

How to define a form in Drupal 8

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