How to Setup Security Kit With Drupal Website

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Are you a drupal developer or an owner of a drupal website, then pay your attention in this tutorial as today I am going to share how to setup security kit with Drupal website. In this tutorial, I will explain the best security module which will secure your drupal site from hackers.

Security Kit Drupal Module is the best security module which will secure your drupal site.

drupal security

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By using this module you can mitigate the risks of exploitation of different web application vulnerabilities. This module have many features like:

  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • Click jacking
  • Implementation of From-Origin HTTP response header.

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How to install Drupal security kit module

Download the updated version of this Security Kit module from site and log into your drupal site admin dashboard. Click on the Module option from the menu bar and then click on the “Install new module” option.

install drupal module

Now select the downloaded zip file and click on the Install button to install this module on your drupal site.

upload drupal module

After clicking on Install button and wait for the 1-2 minute to install this module. After the installation of this module, you will get the successful message on the separate page. On this page click on the “Enable newly added modules” option.

drupal module installation

After the enable, click on the “Configure” option and follow the instruction as per your requirement and configure this security module with your website.

security kit screenshot 1

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  1. I nominate this as the most useless Drupal blog post ever written. Thank you for showing me how to install the module, something any moron can figure out, and nothing else.

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