AngularJS Module: Beginner Tutorial

Hello friends, hope you are doing good, today I am going to share a very useful tutorial with about “AngularJS Module: Beginner Tutorial”. This tutorial is specially designed for the AngularJS beginners or who want to start with AngularJS.

In this tutorial, I have added some real time examples which help you more to create a module based application by using the AngularJS. An AngularJS module is mainly used as Main() Method and a controller always belongs to a module.

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How to Create a Module in AngularJS

Lets start to create a AngularJS module by using the angular.module function. In the below example “myApp” specifies an HTML element in which the application will run.

How to Add Controller With Angularjs Module

Now, let’s add an angular js controller with the module to run an AngularJS application. Below is the complete example of adding a controller with a module. Copy the below code and paste it into your HTML page and test this practical example to more understand the AngularJS module.

…make sure you have added the angularJS file in your page before running any angular application.

Modules and Controllers in Files

When we create a SngularJS real application, then we always put the Modules and Controllers in a separate JS file. In this tutorial, I have created “AngularJSApp.js” file to add modules and created “AngularJSCtrl.js” for controllers.

You can also add the modules with controllers in the same file like below examples.

Over to You

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