How to Delete All Products in Magento

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Are you running a Magento based online store OR are you a Magneto developer? This tutorial helps both either you are a Magento Developer Or Magento website owner. If you want to reset your Magento online store like you want to delete all product completely from your site, then keep your eyes in this post as I am going to share how to delete all products in Magento in a single click.

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How to Delete All Products in Magento

Magento holds the products information in more than 30+ database tables like catalog_product_bundle_option, catalog_product_bundle_option_value, catalog_product_bundle_selection, catalog_product_entity_datetime, catalog_product_entity_decimal, and etc. In this tutorial, I will explain how to delete all products completely from your Magento store. Follow the below steps:

Step 1) Login to your website cPanel and search the PHPMyAdmin.

Step 2) Now open the PHPMyAdmin and select your database.

Step 3) Open the SQL tab in PHPMyAdmin and copy paste below SQL queries.

Step 4) Now execute the below SQL queries. It will be deleted all products with all products attributes from your online store.

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