How to Add Multiple Values to a Custom Field

Hello friends, Hope you are in good health and spirit. In today tutorial, I am going to share a very important tutorial with you which will help you during the development of your next site in WordPress, so keep your close eye in this tutorial as I am going to share how to add multiple values to a custom field in WordPress.

add custom field wordpress

How to Add Multiple Values to a Custom Field

For adding a custom field in your WordPress post, first, you need to make custom field available for your post. For doing this click on the “Screens Options” and checked custom fields option.

how to add custom field wordpress

In WordPress, you can be reused one custom field in the same post with different values. You need to select the same custom meta key multiple time. For more information see in below:

How to Add Multiple Values to a Custom Field

Do display the “mentions” custom field values in the front-end website, use the below code in your template page to get all values of your custom fields. Please change the “mentions” word with your custom field value.

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