How to Remove Spam Links From WordPress Comments

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By default, WordPress gives you an option add comment section under the every post of your website. This comment section allows your site visitors to add their comments on your posts. Due to this features many spammers are posted many unwanted comments and spam links in your website to get the backlink.

How to Remove Spam Links From WordPress Comments

How to Remove Spam Links From WordPress Comments

If you want to remove these type of links fro your website, then there are two ways to handle these types of spammers. First, you can remove the website text box option from your comment form. A few days back I have written a tutorial, check out:

If you don’t want to remove the website text box from comment form, then go for the second option. Open functions.php file from your current activated theme folders and add the below code at the end of the file.

Now all URLs posted in your comments will not be turned into actual links anymore…

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