How to Save Contact Form 7 Fields Data in WordPress

Are you using the contact form 7 WordPress plugin in your WordPress website and want to save the form submission data into MySQL database? If your answer is yes, then keep your close attention in this tutorial as I am going to share the steps which let you know how to save contact Form 7 fields data in the database.

How to Save Contact Form 7 Fields Data in WordPress

Use the below code to save the contact form 7 submission data into your database table. You can use create a separate plugin and add this code in that file OR you can add the below code in your functions.php file from your current activated theme.

If you don’t want to create a WordPress plugin and also don’t want to add above code in your functions.php file and you want to display the all messages inside in the WordPress admin panel, then keep your close attention in this post as I am going to share a WordPress plugin which will allow you to save all your website’s contact form messages in your site database and also will display in your WordPress admin panel.

Save Contact Form 7 Forms to Database with Flamingo

Flamingo WordPress plugin banner

Download the latest version of Flamingo WordPress plugin from WordPress plugin directory and install in your website. If you have just started with WordPress, then check out.

Once you have installed and activated this plugin, then visit your website and submit the contact form. Now go back to your WordPress dashboard, you will see some activity inside the Flamingo section. You will see the form data which you have just submitted from front-end site.


Now click on the above listing to see the complete view of that messages. You can also manage all messages by using this page like you can edit and delete.


There are several more WordPress plugins, which will let to save contact form 7 form data in the database. Below is the list of some WordPress plugins:

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